Of Orphans and Adventures

“Of Orphans and Adventures” is our first community collaboration collection project and brought together over forty writers from around to world to produce a book bursting with stories and adventures. 

The stories focus on Dungeons&Dragons characters, their background stories and important moments that shaped them on the road to becoming heroes. Exploring a variety of themes in many different styles this collection is something truly special and features a selection of artwork from the online D&D community too. 

In celebration of the book we held a live reading on June 11th 2017, 18 of the authors read their stories and you can see the VOD here

None of this would have been possible without the community who have taken part in and supported this project in so many ways.

Cake&Writing Desk are proud to announce that we are able to offer another one of these projects to the community. The new book called “The Between” will focus on those moments between adventures, when the heroes of our stories are people. Details for this can be found on our twitter.