Let me do a quick introduction! began as a joke name for the publisher listed in ‘s self-published book Enduring Light.

It became much more than than when she decided she wanted to give others in the D&D community a chance to share their character stories in a real printed book. Of Orphans and Adventures became a MAJOR product with over 40 writers involved!

BUT neither of those two projects would have been made possible without the support of who is editor in chief! Not to mention the incredibly supportive wider community.

The community books are produced not for profit – meaning we charge basically the cost of the book being printed and shipping. Our cover art is paid for privately or through sales of Enduring Light for Kindle (please go check out amazon! <3).

We make things we love because we love them. The feeling of holding a book in your hand and knowing your hard work is in there is an amazing dream and achievement. We’re looking this year to expand our projects and keep making books!

None of it is possible without the support of other people who care about D&D, books, supporting artists, our friends, our families, this community. So who/what is Cake & Writing Desk? It’s all of you, and us, and something in between.