The Between

The Between: A continuation of our collaboration with the D&D community, our follow up to “Of Orphans and Adventures”: The Between presents twenty-eight new stories that look into the lives of new characters. This book covers their smaller, more personal adventures in the little moments between exploring dungeons and fighting monsters. This book is aRead more about The Between[…]


Of Orphans and Adventures

This book brings together stories from over forty writers about the journeys their characters have taken on the road to Dungeons & Dragons heroes. In a variety of forms and exploring a multitude of themes these short stories offer something intriguing and different with each page turn.

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Of Orphans & Adventures Bookmark


Get your exclusive “Of Orphans and Adventures” bookmark featuring artwork from @etruffery, perfect for keeping your place as you read the collection! Complete with tassel because everything is better with tassels!


Enduring Light Book

Enduring Light is a collection of vignettes, set in a fantasy world, exploring Katherine Mild’s journey from being trapped in a dark and hidden life to being free and falling in love.

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